MAG P90 Gun Controller Games for Xbox One X| Xbox One S| Xbox 360| PS4pro| PS4 S

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  • Updated News till April 15, 2019, For PS4| PS4 slim| PS4 pro console user, when connect P90 on PS4 console works well, but found problem that disconnect automatically after 5-10 minutes. It’s firmware 2018’s bug inside usb receiver. My technician is working hard to fix it now. The solution now for you is prepare Hori plus FPS controller instead of ps4 official controller, you could buy it from amazon, item name: Hori Pad 4 FPS Plus Wired Controller Gamepad for PS4 (amazon asin: B0106XFCPI)
  • Compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox one S,X, PS3, PS4, PS4pro, PS4slim, PSVR (only 2D game destiny, call of duty, battlefield etc), computer Window 7, 10, MacOS.
  • P90 gun+ PS4+ move motion controller+ all 3D VR game (firewall,Farpoint etc)+ PSVR= NOT work. P90 gun isn’t compatible with Dual shock 4 and can’t replace PSVR aim controller and PS move motion controller, because no tracking sensor ball attached on P90 gun to support PS4 VR 3D games tracking. P90+ HTC Vive or Oculus tracking system= NOT work.
  • Support Game: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Crysis, Halo, Metal Gear, Sniper, CS, Rainbow Six, Serious Sam, Titanfall, Gears of War, Destiney etc all 2D FPS game.
  • Registered brand and patent was in protection Amazon 9 sites, follow selling or copy list without authorization is not allowed and punished by amazon seriously.

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