Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with the utmost comfort of delivery right to your doorstep! Simply place the order online and enter your delivery address once prompted. 

You can pay online using your card (credit/debit) from PayPal account.

We understand the excitement once an order is placed hence we use the fastest and most reliable courier services. Your shipment arrives with 10-15 days for delivery. However some items may take longer.


You can pay online using your card (credit/debit) from PayPal account.

SeyStore uses trusted payment partners that are well renowned. Not only is your data safe but our team does their part to decode and keep all your personal information confidential.

It is not only easier for us to update you on your order and for you to keep track of all your orders but it also a way to get exclusive discounts. 

We offer door delivery for orders under 5000 SCR. 

For orders exceeding 5000 SCR in value, as per Seychelles Custom regulation the customer has to pick their shipment up with a broker from the customs office and pay the VAT to customs directly.

As per Seychelles regulations VAT of 15% will be applied for the goods that exceed a value of SCR 3000 and will ONLY be applied to the amount exceeding 3000 SCR (Meaning if the goods are valued at 5000SCR the VAT 15% is applicable on 2000 SCR only). Any good under the 3000SCR does not have to pay customs VAT 

You can order anything! Ranging from electronics, beauty products that are not listed on our website and even shoes, car accessories. Whatever you want we can deliver. 

Please note food and drinks are excluded.